Cherry Picking 2017

Last weekend we went to a cherry tree farm to pick some cherries, it was fun. I had never picked … More

Penguino and BJ continued

Over the first weekend in December we had a Scouts camp, and Penguino and Brandysnap Jinglespice joined us much to … More


Now that heading will get some of you thinking….and don’t knock it until you try it or at least read … More

Turmeric Overnight Oats

I know when you see the heading of this blog, some of you (yes that means you Serena) will immediately … More

Bye Bye Facebook

So what I have come to realise is Facebook (FB) sucks. Ok ok it took me long enough maybe 10 … More

Woof Woof – sausages

Well this is just an update on my health:- 1: The Infectious Disease clinic said late last year that they … More

Bria on the radio

  On Nova 91.9 FM on Wednesday mornings Lewis and Lowe have a coincidence segment, where you call up with … More