Turmeric Overnight Oats

I know when you see the heading of this blog, some of you (yes that means you Serena) will immediately think OMG Jane.. yuck –  but you have to try it!

In my search of natural things to help my inflammation issues last year I stumbled across a recipe for Golden Milk, and I started enjoying that from time to time, especially over winter months as a bedtime drink, or stirring some golden paste into my coffee in the morning. Not something I did every day mind you, or it would get boring, and then the turmeric fell out of the spice cupboard and spilt everywhere and can you imagine the yellow mess it created! One time at work it flicked onto my white work shirt, what a stain that  made.

I have been enjoying Golden Milk again recently, and I see Turmeric Lattes on cafe signs, and my mother in law is drinking a turmeric blend of latte powder each day as well.

I’ve tried fresh turmeric which you finely grate and it was super creamy and tasty but for convenience I do prefer the powdered variety I get a tub of it from the health store for $1.50 and it lasts a long time.

The paste is literally that, a paste you make and store in a glass jar and dissolve 1 tsp in your glass of warm milk or your coffee. I have the paste at work so I can stir 1 tsp into my coffee it’s convenient having it already made into a paste, less messy. I have read today that you can add it to a cup of tea too, so I will have to try that sometime.

Google Turmeric Paste / Golden Milk there is a zillion blogs incorporating it and explaining the health benefits. I think this is a recipe you just need to tweak to suit yourself if you find you like it.

I don’t really have a regular recipe I just make it up when I need it so every time would be different, so here is one from a blog that I think looks pretty amazing.


For the turmeric paste:

1 ½ cups water

½ cup turmeric powder

1 piece of fresh ginger, about the size of ½ of your thumb

(I’d personally add 1/4 tsp ground ginger)

1 level tablespoon cinnamon

1 level teaspoons ground black pepper

½ teaspoon nutmeg

3 teaspoons coconut oil

For the Golden Milk (serving 1):

1 cup milk of your choice (coconut, almond, dairy etc)

1 heaped teaspoon turmeric paste

½ – 1 teaspoon honey or other sweetener of your choice

So at home I just grab all the spices out and make a fresh cup when I feel like it, as my paste is kept at work.  I made a fresh batch last night and here is how.

In a pyrex dish I whisked in these spices with a little bit of hot water 1 teaspoon honey, 1 teaspoon ground turmeric, 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon, freshly cracked black pepper and you can even stir in a tsp of melted coconut oil. Then  I topped up with 400 ml of soy milk. I added cold milk, then I halved the mixture. Half went into a container with 1/4 cup of rolled oats, and two tsp of toasted shredded coconut for my overnight oats, and the other half into a mug to warm and drink later on.

 Another tasty turmeric recipe is ricotta cheese, with turmeric, salt & pepper, chilli flakes with chopped tomato on whole grain ryvitas. YUM.













  1. Sounds amazing Jane! I will definitely try this sometime. I saw at munno para shop the other day a Indian guy selling turmeric milk or water. Sounds similar to this. Explaining all the health benefits of turmeric. I know turmeric is good, I usually only add it to my rice. But will try your recipe sometime. Thanks. Xx

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