A letter to teenage me….

One of my daily writing prompts that I write in a journal, suggests writing a letter to my teenage self, I haven’t written this prompt yet in my journal and when my BFF Serena told me this week that she still has the letters I wrote to her when I was a teenager. I thought maybe this would be a good prompt to blog about. What I would write now as a 44 year old to say a 17 year old me? I also cringe a little at what content these letters she has in her possession might contain, probably a lot about boys! We plan to read them one day in the future! We know we are going to laugh ourselves silly!

Dear Jane,

This is your future self writing this letter to you.

How are you receiving this letter from the future you might ask? Well I found a portal to transport this letter back to you, it should arrive on our 17th birthday. 1st October 1989.

Today is 10th March 2017, we are 44 turning 45 this year. I know you totally cannot picture yourself as a 44 year old, and you’ll think that seems like a really old age, as your parents when you read this letter are still in their 30s and they seem old! But trust me when we get to 44 it feels like we are still 30! Which is not old despite what you think right now.

So to prove this is you writing to yourself in the future here are some things about you / me / us that will prove it.

You love to write short stories. You also write letters to your friends, even though you see them all the time. You also keep lots of diaries, and one day in the future you will burn them all and you will never regret that. But I’d suggest keeping some of your short stories, as today I’d love to re-read the stories I wrote.

A year ago today when you read this, on your 16th birthday, some local girl from Blackwood, Serena, gate crashed your birthday party, and guess what your still best friends. So give her a big hug today at your party, as I’m sure she will be coming, but I can’t actually remember now what we did to celebrate turning 17 but have a great day anyway. I saw Serena this week at the Central Markets where we always meet, she needed a special Janey hug as she just had her 45th birthday.

You are also still friends with Kara & Pat, these 3 friends are very special! Treat them with kindness all the time.

Now this juicy bit of news is TOP SECRET, do not tell anyone. Right now our mum Helen is pregnant with a baby, its a girl! Act surprised when she tells you! Your little sister will be born next year on June 17th. You love her like she’s your own baby, but with the bonus being that you can just give her back to Helen each night.  You do have two wonderful children in your future, but not until 3 days after your 34th birthday does your son come along, and then 19 months after that your precious daughter.  You will get a bit clucky when your little sister is born, don’t do anything silly. You get two amazing children way way into your future, trust me they are worth the wait.

I can’t tell you in this letter much about your future life, or the decisions you should make. You  have to work those all out for yourself in order to get to where I am today.

Make wise choices in life.

Love Jane x0x







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