Bria on the radio


On Nova 91.9 FM on Wednesday mornings Lewis and Lowe have a coincidence segment, where you call up with your coincidences.

The kids and I love this segment, its on during our drive to school around 8am.

We always comment on coincidences in our lives and say oh we should call nova with that one!

Bria did call up last year sometime to tell them that when Simon and I were dating he thought my name was Jane only to later find out its Catherine Jane, and his mum is Kathryn Jane so when we married and I took his surname his mum and I have the same name now, except she’s called Kath and I’m called Jane. But when she was telling the person on the phone she stumbled a bit with the story and they must not have though it was live on radio worthy, the man said wow that’s great Bria, but didn’t say they’d go to air or call her back.  She was a little bummed, and every week wants to call them up with another coincidence.

I finally let her today – glad I did.  They must have saved my mobile number and her name along side it in their system from the previous call she made, as today a lady answered “Hi is that Bria” and Bria told her a new coincidence and the lady said it was great and they’d call us back in 5 minutes to go to air with it!

Bria was super excited and 5 mins later they rang and she got her coincidence on air! Wow so cool, I want to speak to Dylan… I’m jealous I love him.

It was very cute, not sure how long this link will stay active, but around the 14 minute mark – have a listen to Bria.

Her coincidence is that on Simon’s 40th we were at a winery and our table number was number 40!!!! Freaky or what!

The radio hosts refer to a coincidence as a coinkidink and we love that word and use it ourselves at home now.

Can’t wait to play this to her tonight so she can hear it.





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