909 days & counting of the FMS photo a day challenge!

I have mentioned the Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge in my blog before, and a couple of you see my daily photos on Instagram.  I love this challenge, it makes me look around my every day world to see something to photograph to match the prompt word or to create a photo for prompt word.

I am no photographer I wish I had some photography skills but I don’t, but I do enjoy this challenge regardless of my lack of skills.

I have been taking a photo a day and uploading it to Instagram daily since July 24 2014. Today makes it my 909 photo, and I am pretty sure I only missed 1 photo. WOW. (I take photos just with my phone – not a fancy pants camera or anything).

There is a FB group as well to post on, but that has so many professionals on it, so I don’t bother posting my photos to that group very often, occasionally I might. They should have a “I’m just an everyday person taking photos” FB group. But I do love the FB group as I see some of the most incredible photos on it, from amazing places all over the world.

This year I hope to make the 365 days of photos into a photo book as  a keepsake.

The kids often ask me what my word of the day is, and they like to offer their suggestions of what to photograph.

Here is the link to read what it is about and if your interested in joining the fun. It really is  FUN and it is ADDICTIVE as my 909 photos proves.


I post to Instagram, if your not on Instagram get on it, it’s better than FB no drama drama drama. Its just a place where people share photos, not a for status updates which is why I love it so much.

The January prompt words are below, as are my photos of the first 17 days of January.


My photos to match the prompt word for the 1st – 17th January 2017.

My fave colour – green

Delicious – dinner

Circle – my inner sole pattern

Animal – Aussie

A fave thing – well going through my bag you’d assume lip gloss

Me – a selfie on the way to work, no point having a fringe that day it was to hot it would just curl with the humidity

Time – Time to jump in the pool on a super hot day

A wall – Balian’s POP collection against his wall

Mail – A cute postcard we received

Two things – two canvas paintings the kids did at vac care

In my fridge – yummy almond milk for my coffee

Leaf – A leaf

People – a few people in the street of Adelaide

Path – A path

Where I sleep – I was sleeping in this very small tiny single bed, my knees touched the wall, and I very nearly fell out as I’d turn over during the night. Bria hopped into bed with me three times that night, before I sent her back to her bunk it was super cozy!

Music – Naw the kids baby music toys

Bag – Bria wanted a shoulder across body bag for Christmas and lucky her grandma found one, she took it with her today to vac care.

I’ll post the remainder of January pictures during or at the end of the month.

Bye for now…


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