Well my Ross River Virus (RRV) is still playing up, stupid random inflammation in areas drives me bonkers. Crippling me for a few days or longer and making me down right grumpy its hard to smile and have a good time when your in pain. It makes you feel useless when you can’t do simple things around the home, this is mostly when my fingers or wrists and hands are flared up it really is debilitating. I’m trying to be extra gentle and careful with my hands and wrists as when they flare up it makes me useless.

So since my last post I’ve seen a specialist at the hospital, who thinks my problems are more along the lines of an auto immune disorder which could be hard to pinpoint, exactly what that might be. They’ve run some more blood tests and I’ll be back to see them in March. I’ve also got an appointment with a rheumatologist at the end of January, this seems to be the specialist who will most likely be able to give me the better idea of what is going on. So looking forward to that appointment.

The doctor gave me a short course of a steroid prednisoline which within a couple of days had worked, and my finger inflammation problem which was really doing my head in so painful, so swollen, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t do anything at all, was after 2 days about 50% better, still on the tablets now for a few more days, hopefully it continues to improve the mobility and reduce the inflammation even more. It was a relief to be able to start to use my finger again, and to not be in constant pain with it.

Some of the random inflammation and problems, likes calves, feet you can manage with yes they hurt but they don’t render my completely useless like hand / wrist and finger inflammation does.

Things I’m finally accepting, or trying to, are:- this is a chronic disease, there is no cure, there will be bad days, accept that I have this illness or whatever it is, learn what upsets and triggers my symptoms, use whatever helps, listen and pay attention to my body, acceptance, movement, knowledge and positivity are my new medications, keep a diary, eat well.

So of course I still exercise, that is a way of life for me, but its very gentle these days. Like a nanna, but I don’t even care that I’m not lifting heavy weights, or that I have to be more gentle on myself, all I care is that I’m moving my body as often as I can and continuing to do something that always makes me feel good.

I do body balance once a week, but that doesn’t seem to justify my gym membership, so I’ve been wanting to resume body pump its been quite a while since before I got RRV that I have done a class, I was just scared it would not be good for my body, so on Saturday I gave it a go, told the instructors I was shitting myself and they gave me lots of low options, and I felt good after, so I did that again last night, my aim is to do that once a week as well.  I tried body vive for a few weeks a while back, even though is low impact it is not good for my joints, and I just wasn’t feeling it, the other days I do some gentle home yoga thanks to you tube. It does help with pains, keeps me happy and I know its doing me good mentally & physically. You have to do what you enjoy and what makes you happy.

I think I am accepting I’m never going to look like this below pic of the sexy Natalie Jill. It has been a lifelong dream for 24 years that I look like this, I finally accept it’s never going to happen to me, good luck and great work for those ladies that do look like this. I hate you, oh I mean I envy you, but I hate you at the same time. Just being honest. I am jealous and that’s ok.


I have a draw and bag full of liniments, oils, rubs, creams and I apply these all day long, they may or may not be doing anything, but I smell nice.  I’m taking a few supplements but gosh you have to be careful, taking magnesium was giving me heart palpitations, racing heart, breathlessness, it was really a stressful feeling, and after 3 weeks of thinking I might die in my sleep (drama drama drama I know) and not knowing what was going on, the ECG showed some slight abnormality (within an allowed range) and then the doctor asked what I was on and I mentioned magnesium and wow then I found out those are some of the side effects, so never taking that again it was the worst three weeks such an awful feeling. Within 3 or 4 days for memory things went back to normal. So now I take celery seed, milk thistle, I’ve started turmeric tablets as well see if that helps.. which is the new miracle cure for arthritic pain.. we’ll see!

I have been using some magnesium rubs since I don’t want to take any internally, since just before Christmas on my feet and calves, and I do believe my feet are not as sore so that’s a blessing. No effect on my calves yet, but oh well the feet feeling better is one positive thing.


Since July 2014 on instagram I post a daily photo from a prompt word Fat Mum Slim puts out each month, I love this it’s a way of looking around my every day life and looking for something to fit the word.

I love little challenges like this, I want to do a second one, maybe I could take a pic of something that make me happy each day as well.

I also like posting on instagram as its a quieter social media platform. With less drama drama drama than facebook. Plus no one on facebook wants to see my daily photo, but a few on instagram do.

2017 GOALS


My goals for 2017 are well to go to gym the 2 days a week and the other other days do gentle yoga at home. Or get to gym 3 days I could do balance three times, haha here is hoping, the kids don’t mind the creche they have an older kid retreat section and they know gym is important to me so I could fit in that extra class some weeks! Be careful with my body. When I’m tired rest. Don’t over commit to things on weekends other than things for the kids, make sure there is rest time over the weekend as working full time I need some weekend rest its the only rest I get. Eat super healthy, include more raw food like salads. Eat 1 apple a day. Don’t try the high protein diet ever again it sucks and is hard to stick to. Just eat healthy real food.  My diet is pretty good I feel, but I do have a sweet tooth, and sometimes I snack to much especially when I’m in pain and I eat more calories than I burn of these days so have to reduce what I eat. Keeping it all in balance!  Read a book for at least 15 minutes each day. Be happier. Do more fun things. Enjoy life more.  Continue crochet (when my hands aren’t playing up). Enjoy time as a family when we have it. Don’t allow negative people to stress me out.

Oh and I should try and write a short story… so Serena tells me.

I also want to write the family history on the pc down for the kids, what I’ve dug up, on previous generations so far, I need to get what I have written down in books, typed up, in some order, and then get working on my parents stories (before they forget them) typed up for B&B to read later on in life.  Then I’ll have to add my own story to these before I forget it later in life.

Happy 2017 to my few readers, may it bring you happiness, health and love.15094955_10209597042936588_1465920313284322472_n



  1. Janey WOW what an epic, you poor thing, I feel so awful for you having to deal with all that, I SO wish we lived closer so I could help you out.! I cant imagine what it must be like for you. AND Yes you SO should be writing a novel, I am always captivated by whatever it is you are writing about. Love you xx

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