October 2016

A friend said if I enjoy writing which I do, I should do it regardless of how many people read my blog. So here is a blog for the day, for my two readers.

I read some hilarious blogs that crack me up, I read informative ones, lots of recipe ones and lets face it when you want a recipe these days its straight to google isn’t it and I love peoples blogs on food and their photos can make it look amazing!  If it wasn’t for this blog http://fatmumslim.com.au/ I wouldn’t be in my 2nd year of taking a photo a day to match a prompt word put out each month, and I love my photo a day!

This is currently my favourite blog – http://hurrahforgin.com/ this lady is so funny I laugh out loud every time I read her posts, and can relate to most of her posts re: the kids but I don’t drink gin or wine quite like she does.

Today Balian asked if he could have a Ouija Board, where on earth did that idea come from? Probably something he saw on UTube… so I’m going to show him this video tonight hopefully that will convince him against getting one and he will never mention it again.


Bria currently is suffering the worst hayfever ever, its literally the end of the world every night with her stuffy nose and she cannot breathe through it and goes through a whole box of tissues every night, drama drama drama! So glad I don’t have hayfever, it looks like it really sux! The chemist literally had empty shelves in the hayfever section, they say its the worst season ever, luckily I found a box of zyrtec at the very back for hubby, and they had plenty of kids syrups in stock.  Bria likes the home remedies of a drop of lemon essential oil in her water she said that really worked mum, and some eucalyptus essential oil in the shower producing nice smelling steam for her to inhale. I slather her with cedarwood, tea tree, lemon, peppermint and lavender oils on her feet and down sides of neck all blended with some sweet almond oil, so these all help her as well. She thinks lavender is the best and if I say do you want an oil for that she says only if its lavender.

Well thank god is Friday, we have a family movie night its Bria’s pick Fridays, and if we get time to watch a movie on the weekend Balian gets to pick, I say they get to pick but really I have the last say, when he wanted to watch the Simpsons movie last week I flat out refused and said no, pick something else or go to bed. I will not sit and watch a movie I don’t want to see, so it has to be something we all want to watch.

Bye for now…











  1. Love reading your blog Janey! I always like reading whatever it might be your writing about. I think you should write a novel!
    My allergies have gone COMPLETELY from these awesome tablets the allergist put me onto. They are called Montelukast. I cant recommend them highly enough! Maybe they could work for Bria and the hayfever. They have also helped massively with my Asthma.


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