Essential oils – are not brewed in cauldrons.

Step back to 1990 I worked in a business that sold essential oils, I loved aromatherapy and my BFF gave me a book which I still have about Essential Oils.

Between 1990 – 2016 (OMG that is a long time)

I still used essential oils, though not that often. I was burning them in oil burners to make the house smell nice, (as I just recently discovered that is all its good for, burning them this way has no therapeutic value) I use lemon or tea tree around the home when cleaning. But that was probably the extent of my use of them over the years.

What a shame as I’ve been missing out on so many health benefits for myself and my family by not incorporating them more into our lives.

So my son had recurring tonsilitis from October – March (that was 6 bouts of it), and I have had this damn Ross River Virus since that time too both of our immune systems must be low!

A long time friend message me on FB and mentioned that I passed on my love of essential oils to her in about 1995 and she has been learning a lot more about them and would I be open to her sending me some for my son and I to use for our current health issues.

Hell yeah – send them over!

So in the post we get a couple of things but the most exciting was a glass roller ball “immune bomb” which is a glass bottle with a roller ball to apply, it contains s a carrier oil of fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of oregano, tea tree, lemon, frankincense and a protective blend (which is a blend of different essential oils that provides a natural and effective alternative for immune support). So this is to roll on the soles of our feet morning and night and also I applied it to my son’s outer throat from ear downwards.  My daughter doesn’t want to miss out on the roller ball fun so she uses it too.

Why the soles you ask?


So two months has gone past of daily immune bombing ourselves and my son did not get his monthly bout of tonsillitis,  its been two months now of good health and thank god he could have a break from the monthly one or two courses of antibiotics which would have be hammering his poor little body.

My husband raises his eyes every time I mention Essential Oils – so these facts are for him and my one or two other readers.

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquid plant extracts. They are not something brewed in a witch’s cauldron. Just as an aloe plant soothes burns or juice from an orange helps fight cell degeneration, essential oils help support the body’s own ability to heal itself. God designed an awesome thing when he created human life and plant life.

There are references to essential oils dating back to 4500 BC and the Bible even mentions oils over 180 times! One of the wise men brought frankincense to Jesus. An essential oil by the way!

I bought a diffuser which doesn’t heat the oils but creates a cold vapor and disperses them around the room so the therapeutic value of the oil remains intact. Read this link….

I have made roller ball blends for headaches, breathing blends, allergy blends, sleep blends and sore aching muscle blends from my small supply of oils. I like to use sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil as my carrier oil as its easily accessible from the health store and not very expensive. Essential oils help with relaxation, sleep, pain relief, warding of illness, mood elevation, boost your immune system, help you breathe easier and much much more (even help your sex drive) that will get the husband interested.  Using roller balls makes your oils go a long long way and so easy to use as you only use a few drops of the oils with the carrier oil.

The children and I happily use these roller balls morning and night and I use mine all day long. Some of them I can’t stop sniffing I’m hooked. I love them and cannot imagine a day without them in my life now used this way and used more effectively for the health and well being of us all.  My son even asked yesterday if I had an oil for a wart on his hand, and of course I do so he has been applying that.

My husband may not be interested in applying roller balls for ailments and general improved health but I put it on his pillow each night and diffusing them in the house he will get the benefits anyway. (He hasn’t been snoring since I started putting an essential oil on his pillow each night) lucky me!


Maybe when he isn’t feeling well sometime he might ask me for a roller ball that might help him and I can whip into my secret lab and mix him up a special blend. hahaha

I’ve given a few away to friends and they love using them.

We are feeling healthier and hopefully can ward of some winter sicknesses and live a healthier life incorporating essential oils into our daily life.

That reminds me years ago my internet chat name was Bergamot (an esssential oil).

Signing off….Bergamot






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