2016 here we go….

I know only a couple of people read this blog, but the ones that do have asked when will I post again! Well I will today.

My post nearly a year ago listed of things I wanted to achieve in 2015 so how did I do?

I wanted to read 1 book a week… bahahaha how much spare time did I think I have.. oh that’s right not much! Thank’s to my goodread app I can proudly say I did read 36 books last year, not quite one a week but pretty good effort I say in my busy life.

Ok I didn’t exercise more, and didn’t get to gym anywhere near as much as I had hoped, but seriously (yes I’m going to crap on about my busy life) I leave home at 7.20 get home at 5.30 (on a good day) have two children to feed, a house to clean, they have after school activities some day’s, and on Sunday mornings, and my husband is quite busy with his commitments in scouting and his sport of choice (derby) which are week nights and weekends, and as much as I wish the kids were old enough to leave at home so I could duck out to gym, they aren’t, and I dig drag them to the creche a few times and they sat with babies and toddlers and hated it hahaha subjected to watching Frozen or something equally as babyish, most times I took them they knew it was important to me and 45 mins out of their day they knew my happiness was worth it, but sometimes the whinging prior made me just think “stuff it” I’ll just go home. I do plan to go a bit more when I’m feeling better as you’ll read below.

Doing the yoga challenge I did at the start of last year, I ended up with bursitis in my shoulder (it still hurts) from going from downward dog into plank then down to a low hover on the ground and pushing into up dog I am sure that is was caused it as it was repetitive over and over in the challenge.  I really could barely dress myself or move my shoulder and I could not do any yoga and I couldn’t do any weights at gym as it was too painful, when I realised I better stop trying to push through the pain I ended up getting physio but that didn’t improve it, and a cortisone into the shoulder didn’t help at all either so now I live with bursitis on top of canal stenosis in my back a degenerative thing, and loss of curvature in my back, having a spine like an 80 year old according to the specialist, and the pain that gives me every day now the shoulder pain too, living with pain takes a toll on your mental state, and your ability and motivation to exercise, my boss likes to say “if you were a horse we’d take you out into a paddock and shoot you” it makes me laugh and its probably true.

In October I was struck with the worst fatigue I’d ever felt, every thing ached, my tendonitis flared up all at once with my wrists, top of hands, neck, I could hardly walk much my calves were so aching and I lost all my energy, I was tired sore and getting out of bed took all my effort, my brain was foggy, and my eyes felt so tired all the time, and it was awful I told my husband I was just exhausted to my bones. After blood tests it was revealed I had ross river virus and I’d had some other type of fever like glandular but not at some stage and writing this I can’t remember what it was but the doctor said she had it too, and could barely get out of bed and I had this virus and just lived day to day as usual and now I had Ross River! I did manage to have a week of work thank god and spent lots of time in bed. The effects of this can linger for months even years and many people suffer from regular relapses. I can tell you that I am in some kind of relapse again now after probably 6 weeks of feeling ok, then bam all the symptoms come back again and I am dragging my sore tired body around feeling miserable. I was so tired the other day driving I literally thought I would have to pull over and call my husband to come get me (in the middle of the day) I can barely walk to the bus stop and everything I do takes so much energy and leaves me feeling like falling in a crying heap on the ground. I’m not sure what will happen if one day I’ll just wake up and feel better and not so tired, but its making me miserable. I go to bed at the same time as the kids and have to sit and rest much more and the thought of walking anywhere or doing anything physical my brain just can’t handle it. I do what I have to and no more and fall into bed at 8.30 exhausted. So my life sux right now because of this.  I’ve had some more blood tests and will see what the doctor says later this week.

Through this Ross River nonsense I have to try and focus at work and its really hard!

Oh I did want to save $5K and that gets a big fat tick and we are off to the Gold Coast in March to spend that, and have a fun family holiday. I hope I am feeling a little better by then, its going to be strenuous and I’m having a bit of anxiety that my body isn’t going to cope!

I did lose a few kilo’s but put them back on, then lost a couple then put them back on, right now I’m eating pretty JERF as much as possible, (just eat real food) and as long as my clothes feel good then considering I’m not exercising I am just going to pay attention to what I eat, I’m going to do a 30 Day green smoothie challenge soon much to my husbands fear that he will have to eat kale every day. I have reduced portion sizes, and cut back on carbs and hardly ever have any alcohol anymore so I know I’ve cut back on calories with those changes to my diet.

The kids eating more veggies, mmm not really I still hide them but tell them after, and they do try a bite of things but they still won’t eat salad stuff, I look forward to the day they want carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes in their lunch boxes, think I’ll be waiting a while. They are happy and healthy and that’s all that matters. Balian says “we like what we like mum, we all have different taste buds” and he’s right. He likes tomato soup though which has heaps of veggies in it, they eat things with veggies in them and Balian will force down a piece of broccoli and carrot – so I guess that is good enough for now. Bria loves veggies but doesn’t much care for salad stuff yet either.

Balian is always saying “why can’t you pack treats in our lunchboxes” like normal mum’s, why do you put so much healthy stuff in there.. anything I bake I put sunflower seeds in and other healthy things, oats, wheat germ, weetbix.. he wants a plain vanilla cupcake, I say boo hoo to him and I’ll just keep packing raw muesli bars and biscuits with seeds in them one day he’ll be glad I made those things.

Well not much of a start to 2016 is it!  But fingers crossed I wake up one day soon full of energy.

I’m not going to say what I want to achieve this year.. and I’ll just see what the world throws at me and try and deal with it.








  1. Great to have another Janey blog to read! Your such a talented writer Janey, ive always liked reading your stuff. Wasted talent I say!!!

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