These are the things I want to achieve this year. I wrote these in January. I suppose they were like New Years resolutions but not officially….

Drink more water

I used to be so good but lately I’ve slackened of a bit with my water consumption.

Exercise daily (at least 30 mins) Yoga or weights.

I completed a Yoga Challenge it was 30 days I think I got to about 40 days before I missed a day. I loved it, it felt good. I haven’t done it every day since, but still a good 4 x a week – better get of my slack bum and stick to my daily plan!!

Walk more

(I wrote this before I got my fitbit) including walking Aussie more often and getting of the bus earlier. Now I have my fitbit I have incentive to stick to this. Having step challenges with the husband is fun and incentive.

Eat healthy / loose weight

Did a bit of this in January – slackened of a bit in Feb – but getting back to it. I wanted to weigh 69 kilo’s by April – if I say by the end of April it might be possible.

Save $5K

Good luck with this as life is one big expense after another – so fingers crossed on this one.

Don’t buy the children as many treats or toys (this will help the savings)

They can wait for birthdays! I’m going well with this and the kids are excited about saving for a possible plane flight holiday somewhere.

Avoid going to the central market unless for fruit and veg or Asian shop

Failing at this. Its convenient, gets me out off the office and its not like I buy food we don’t eat it saves me shopping in the suburbs as much on the weekends.

Bake more for the children.

I always make home made snacks so this is always achieved. At the moment they love my home made almond bread, scrolls which I freeze and take out for their lunchboxes daily and raw muesli bars.

Read 1 book a week

We are in week 10 of the year and I’m on my 13th book. Looking achievable.

Get the kids to eat more vegetables without hiding them

Well I think they are getting better with this.

Blogging this to remind me and keep me accountable.


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  1. I think i will follow some of these Janey!!! Sorry for late response! Have been snowed under at work, hence me being in for an hour or so today! Can i make an amendment to the not going to the market unless…. Please immediately put – also unless catching up with my best friend Serena! xxx

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