Books I’ve read so far this year…..

This year 2015 I’ve decided that I want to read at least 1 book a week.

I find reading a good book is makes my commute into work quicker, and really relaxes me at the end of the day, I can zone out into the world of the current book I am reading.

I am going to keep a journal of what books I read this year. I thought I’d list them on here first until I buy a notebook to use as my journal.

So today is February 3rd week 6 of the year and I have read:-

1. Fleur McDonald – Crimson Dawn

I love her books I’ve read them all.

2. Loretta Hill – The Girl in Steel Capped Boots

3. Loretta Hill – The Girl in the Hard Hat

4. Loretta Hill- The Girl in the Yellow Vest

These books were great.

5. Rachael Johns – Outback Ghost

6. Rachael Johns – Man Drought

Another amazing Australian Author, her books could or should be made into movies.

Last night I started on my 7th book Fiona Palmer – The Sunburnt Country.

Yes these books all have a theme – Australian Rural Romances and they are fantastic (if you like that kind of story).

I have a long list of books I want to read this year – they won’t all be romances but they are for now.

Google these authors and if you like a love story that isn’t tacky.. these books are for you.

Reading makes me happy!


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