No two families are the same therefore there is no single right way to be a family.

Families come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

There are families with parents who both work, or parents that both don’t work, or one parent who works.

There is families with only one parent, or families with no parents and other family members raising the children, there are foster families, mixed race families, step families and families with same sex parents.

Every family has their own family rules, their own expectations within the family and their own way of doing things.

There may be families that rarely eat at the table together, or families who eat every single meal together. There is families who spend a lot of time together and those that don’t. How they celebrate holidays will be different, and how they solve problems will be too. Their homes will be different, the education and schooling their children are provided will be different. The differences in families would be a never ending list, too many to list here.

There will be some families with problems whether they are financial, emotional, addictions or illnesses, and some families who are blessed with none of these problems, and these may or not be known to people outside of the family.

Some families are safe and loving, but not all.

Through trial and error most families have realised how to balance their lives and find what works for them as a family.

Support families you know, don’t judge them.

I didn’t write all of this, its my version tweaked from an assortment of websites, so thanks to all those websites for helping me find the right words!


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