Big boobs, hot flushes and camping.

I’ve started taking Fenugreek a herb with lots of health benefits. I used to take this when breast feeding and it really increased milk production during the courses I took of it I would be bursting with milk, thank god that part of my life is over.  I’m taking it now as it contains a substance called diogenin which behaves similar to estrogens and might possibly help with my crazy hot flushes, it also is “said” to cause breast enlargement – that would be a nice bonus! But I mostly want it to hopefully control the crazy hot flushes and night sweats which I’m sure are hormone related and they are driving me insane!

Fenugreek has many health benefits anti inflammatory, lowers cholesterol, helps with digestion, heartburn, acid reflux, weight loss, makes skin healthy, nourishes the hair, reduces fever and more.

I’m taking it in seed form, I’ve read that tea is good, the capsules are good (that’s how I previously took it) but the best results are from eating the seeds, so I’m giving that a go.  I did go to 3 chemists and none of them stocked the capsules, they only stock posh trendy vitamins like fish oil, glucosamine and echinacia and the seeds were easily found at the local asian supermarket or health store at the Central Markets.

It is said to make you smell like maple syrup that might be interesting!

It has a funny bitter taste, not sure what to make of it yet. I’ve soaked the seeds then drank the water mixed in juice and eaten the seeds mixed in my yogurt with a bit of honey and muesli. I’m going to try and sprout them as well.

Credit to a fantastic site with lots of information

Anyone who hasn’t experienced these what I call pre menopausal hot flushes – for me they are terrible. As many as say 6 an hour on a bad day, or just one every few hours. You’ll be sitting there on the bus, in your office, in the car and this feeling of intense heat just goes from your solar plexus right up to the tip of your head, it makes you feel like you are on fire, burning, sizzling and you just take a big breath due to the intensity of it, I’m sure my face must go bright red – thankfully they don’t last long literally less than 30 seconds, but they are very intense and uncomfortable.

When they happen at work I literally just grab paperwork on my desk and start fanning my face, kick my heels off and I even dug an old desk fan out of a cupboard to use, who cares that all my paperwork gets blown away. I’m over putting the air con on, then off, then on then off! The ones on the bus are the worst as I can’t really do anything about them to alleviate the discomfort. Just wait for it to pass. That’s how they feel to me anyway! I’m having one as I type this.. ugh!! Turning on my desk fan AGAIN! At night I’ve been waking so hot, sweaty and burning up every few hours that I feel the ceiling fan we installed isn’t even barely blowing a breeze my way. I get all these symptoms when my periods become irregular, then when they come again these symptoms disappear, but they have been more frequent since turning the dreaded ugly 40 (2 years ago). I’ve had some hormone tests and they came back all normal. Which is frustrating as something isn’t right! If it keeps up I’ll head in for another chat to a doctor in a few weeks.

Fingers crossed this Fenugreek helps.

So now on to camping….when Simon said “have you got your thermals” I laughed and said well I’m pre menopausal with these crazy hot flushes trust me I won’t be cold! One night I was a little cold but it didn’t last long before I was out of the sleeping bag and swag and trying to cool down.

Let us face it: I’m not a camper. I only do it for the kids to have fun experiences and because Simon enjoys it. He doesn’t know but will now that after we set up tent on the first night at Brachina Gorge in the Flinders Ranges I nearly started crying because it was so dusty, the kids were getting super dirty and the tent didn’t have a proper annexe. Some lush green grass would have been nice. But I toughened up and dealt with it for two days. The kids had so much fun, they didn’t care about sitting in dust and drawing on rocks and having dirty faces, nails, clothes and feet. I was having internal anxiety over it (ok maybe it wasn’t entirely internal) as Gav was like “Jane just let them have fun”.

No showers for a couple of day’s, but we did boil water for washing which was better than nothing and yes I still applied my makeup every day, I’m not a total princess so I’m told, but a little bit of one.

There were quite a lot of flies, but it wasn’t constant and thankfully by the end of the day they had gone, but there was periods where you were waving them away and Balian was getting a bit shitty and we remembered we do own fly nets to go over our hats but had left them at home, so on day 2 we bought him a new one. I remember saying “for gods sake this whole wide world of open spaces and why does the fly have to land on me”? But I wasn’t totally bothered by them.

Oh one night when we were sitting around the camp fire and the kids had gone to bed, there was a wild animal noise nearby between us and the toilet (long drop) and I was then to scared to go to the toilet, Simon had to accompany me before I went to bed, and that night I held on all night until morning and I’m usually a 4 x a night wee girl! haha

We did have a nice time, a lovely scenic 4WD track for a day on the Skytrek Route, a walk up to Wangara Lookout at Wilpena Pound which took 3 1/2 hours with the kids and we didn’t really think we’d get very far and only packed 4 muesli bars between 8 of us, lucky there was 2 in a pack so we had some half way up and at the top. The walk up was challenging the last bit of it poor Bria was in tears and she’s my tough adventurous child. We bribed the kids with ice cream (after our lunch when we got back down) this did the trick and the walk back down was super quick.

We lunched in some pretty spots, and explored around Brachina Gorge.

The kids and husband – had fun razzing me up about my fear of Emus as there was plenty around, milling on the side of the road and very near our campsite I’ve never seen so many ever! When I was little an Emu stuck its head in our car window somewhere we captured it on old video footage, and then when I was a teenager I was chased by one and I tell you I never ran so fast! So this teasing of my Emu fear was enjoyed by the children and husband! But I don’t mind it is kind of funny.

The Flinders was a beautiful place.

It is no surprise the next holiday I want it to be at a campsite with grass or even a hotel would nice.

Here are some photos:- which if your a real life friend you probably saw on FB anyway.





Bye for now.



  1. Very interesting and informative blog as always!!! and a BIG Happy One Year Blog Anniversary today Plum!!!! XOXOXO From your number 1 fan 😉

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