Photo a day:

I stumbled across this blog by Fatmumslim

She has a photo a day challenge. Each month she publishes a calendar with a word for each day and you take a picture using the prompt word as inspiration, you can upload it to Instagram or FB. I’m doing my challenge via Instagram. So much less social nonsense on Instagram its just photo’s.

I started this at the end of July and it was really quite interesting as you look around your every day world a little differently whilst looking for inspiration, trying to think of something that relates to the word and hopefully get a photo of it.

Its quite a lot of fun, its rewarding and challenging. Sometimes as a full time working mother of two youngish school age children, with the never ending chores and running around I feel like I have rarely any time for myself, but this is something I do each day for me, it gets my brain thinking about something else other than life, children and work – and I enjoy feeling creative and snapping a photo.

I’m certainly no photographer, but its fun and that’s what counts.

The few Instagram followers I have are really the only ones who see these pics but I enjoy showing Simon what I’ve taken photo’s off that week, and I know a few friends look forward to seeing my photo each day.

Some words have been:-

Here are some of my pics.





Today’s prompt word is “before bedtime” not sure what that photo will be, possibly me doing yoga, or playing candy crush as that’s what I normally am doing.


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  1. Lovely photos Janey, lucky we didnt have this “back in the day” can you imagine what our photo’s would have looked like!!!

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