Technophobic / Cyberphobic parent

Recently my mother has taken a slight interest in Facebook (FB) but lets face it she does not really understand it.

She is TECHNOPHOBIC and CYBERPHOBIC and few other phobics we need not mention in this post!

Technophobia (from Greek τέχνη – technē, “art, skill, craft”[1] and φόβος – phobos, “fear”[2]) is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers.

Cyberphobia is a concept introduced in 1985[citation needed], described as a specific phobia expressed as “an irrational fear of or aversion to computers” or more generally, a fear and/or inability to learn about new technologies.

(Thanks Wikipedia)

She wants to say hi to a friend, I advise her to send them a private message. Which I try and explain over the phone on how to do this.

My belief is that you don’t have a conversation on someones wall/timeline. You only post on someones wall/timeline wishing them happy birthday. Unless your tagging them in a link, or a photo then sure carry on a conversation on that post but don’t just start and have a random conversation on their wall/timeline for all their friends and god knows who else to see.

She must not have understood my discussion regarding private message and not posting on peoples wall/timeline because all of a sudden I can see she’s posted a message on her friends wall/timeline. So if I can see it – so can every one of her friends and her friends friends and so on. Nothing is private on FB unless you do it in a private message! She is like my children and husband I realise and does not listen to me.

I message her saying DON’T POST ON PEOPLES WALL.

Now she’s scared she’s done the wrong thing. Good I hope I’ve scared her off FB for a while until I can visit and give her some simple lessons.

I’ve realised teaching her about FB is not something to do over the phone or by text message it has to be done in person.


I think I’ll need a scotch after the future visit to her and FB lesson!

She enjoys reading my blog and wants me to do them more often. This one is dedicated to her, with a reminder to keep of facebook until I next visit.


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