This saved my sanity!

Every morning we have to leave the house by 7.20 to get to before school care so I can then get to wherever I park that day either a local bus stop near the school or my in laws so I can get to get to the city by 9am.

Trying to get the children up and ready without me going crazy, yelling, repeating myself a zillion times was proving difficult to say the least. I found this very frustrating as they have been getting up and out the house since they were 5 months old, when I went back to work, and full time since Bria was 1. Seriously this is their every morning of their lives they don’t know anything different why was it such a battle! Surely they would be in a habit by now.. but NO it still totally sucked the energy out of my morning, made me feel like a terrible growly mother and was generally just unpleasant.

Then I found this website..  it was literally a life saver.

Getting Ready for School in Time

It gave me some good guidelines and ideas. So I created daily morning charts for the children. With a reward available after 5 days of doing their chart without too many daily reminders. I have barely had to raise my voice since I introduced the charts and sure I do have to remind them to go read their chart to see where they are up to at times in their getting ready process, and remind them to re-focus. So off they go and re-read their chart and it gets their focus back on to getting ready.

The prizes are just cheap things like $1 bubbles, or a hot wheels car, eclipse mints, or mentos, I haven’t bought many things yet but its only going to be inexpensive things!

They liked the charts so much they wanted afternoon ones too for what they need to do when we get home up until bed time.

So the charts have cute kiddie pictures of kids getting ready and the chart says “Good morning Balian (or Bria) its time to get ready”

1. Get dressed

2. Tidy bed & put pj’s away

3. Bring drink bottle out of bedroom

4. Turn light off

5. Put shoes on

6. Eat breakfast

7. Brush teeth

8. Brush hair

9. Quick tidy up of an area (bedroom / kitchen / lounge / study)

Then they draw a picture in a box at the bottom and after 5 days they can pick a prize out of my prize bag.

Bria’s is a little different as she has a slightly different routine (breakfast before getting dressed).

1. Bring drink bottle out of bedroom

2. Turn light off

3. Eat breakfast

4. Get Dressed

5. Put shoes on

6. Tidy bed & put pj’s away

7. Brush teeth

8. Do hair

9. Quick tidy up – bedroom / kitchen / lounge / study

Simple – but they love lists (they get that from me) and its made our mornings very lovely, I’ve even said to them “this was literally the best morning of our lives getting ready today” so its making us all very happy.


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  1. This post made my day!!! 🙂 🙂

    God i laughed SO hard when i read the kids loved lists!!!! God im still laughing. That is just SO Janey!!!

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