5 Kilo’s


5 Kilo’s of Sugar. Why post these pic’s you ask.. well I’ve lost 5 Kilo’s in 6 weeks. Amazing but that is what the scales say and my clothes are much looser. 


Over the last 12 months I had gotten a bit lazy with my eating and exercise and some of my clothes mostly pants were feeling too snug to wear comfortably and suddenly I had love handles and a muffin top – my skinny waist had gone. Plus I did not want to have clothes that did not fit me anymore, I just want one wardrobe of clothes that fit. 


Well I started counting calories trying to eat approx 1500 per day. I haven’t bothered to write it down daily anymore after a few weeks of weighing / measuring / diarising you get the knowledge of serving sizes. I am happy pretty much eating the same things every day so I know what I’m eating calorie wise. Plus I feel hungry a lot of the time so I know I haven’t over eaten and as long as the scales continue to drop I think I have a grip on it.  You know I actually like that feeling of hunger as in my mind that signals to me that I’m hungry so my body must be using stored fat for its energy helping me loose more weight.

1) Don’t drink your calories I read – so I haven’t had my glass of wine with dinner (or two depending on how crazy the kids or specifically Bria is making me). That’s no wine for 6 weeks – I love a wine with dinner but now I’m drinking tea, it is just as satisfying. I actually crave a cup of tea now.

Bria driving me crazy – make myself a cup of tea

Feeling exhausted after work – make myself a cup of tea

Need to wake up in the morning – make a cup of tea 

Feeling hungry and tempted to snack – make a cup of tea

2) Eating protein with every meal, it keeps you fuller for longer. Some protein I’m eating more of is:-

egg whites in my porridge

cottage cheese on my crackers or with chopped apples

100% peanut butter (only 1 TBS though – measured)

3) No sliced bread – this is quite hard. I am eating 2 slices of mountain bread though for lunch which is about 70 calories per piece. I let myself have two pieces of toast on Sunday mornings. But it really doesn’t fill me up as much as my porridge with egg whites doers. 

4) No margarine or butter (so high in calories).

5) Small servings sizes, this comes naturally after dieting for a few weeks as you just can’t eat big serves any more as your stomach shrinks. 

6) Saying NO – when I’ve been offered something that did not fit into my daily calorie allowance.

7) Avoiding eating at a family function, not having dinner with friends for a while and making sure I had pre prepared any food for myself when going out anywhere.

8) No rice / pasta / noodles or potatoes (this is easy I generally avoid a lot of those anyway).

We never have take away, all our meals are home cooked, I always bring my lunch and snacks to work so all these factors help.

I haven’t eaten chocolate for ages (well other than a little nutella licked off the knife when making Bria’s crackers) but you know what.. I don’t want any – I’ll just have a cup of tea instead. 

I have been exercising at least 4 x a week as well at 5.30am – nothing hard core, but strengthening workouts with weights, and some fitball workouts and yoga. Getting it over and done in the morning at home is great, I was previously trying to exercise after the kids were in bed but by 8.30pm you really just want to relax, so since Dec/13 I’ve gotten up at 5.30 most week day mornings to fit it in and its working well. 

I’d love to loose 4 more.



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