The smell of fresh printing – and two crazy girls!








This post is for my BFF Serena (who might be the only person who reads my blog) I know she’s the only follower. I did say I was going to keep it private.. but you know maybe a few readers would be nice.

So we have this funny or is it a bizarre ritual of sending each other freshly printed magazines, flyers or brochures which have this amazing smell of what I believe is just a freshly printed smell.

When I receive a flyer, brochure or magazine which is generally through the post at work, I sniff it and if it has “the smell” I send it to Serena and she does the same for me.

When I tell my boss that one of these items received at work smells really good and I have to post it to my friend. To say he thinks I’m odd is an understatement, but he cannot smell as he’s a smoker so he’s lost his sense of smell so he can only take my word for it. He doesn’t mind me using a few company stamps to send a nice smelling freshly printed item to Serena. I think he’s jealous as he really wants to smell them but just cant.

I can’t remember when this started but it was a while ago, (several years ago) Serena I’m sure initiated it by posting me something saying “doesn’t this smell amazing” and it really did. 

I posted a recent magazine to Serena which was for Christmas Hampers which smelt truly amazing and she texted me saying “Ohhhh Janey that is one damn good pamflet!!! LOL”  it was right up there as one of the best smelling ones to date.

There is actually a facebook page called

i love smelling the inside of magazines

I haven’t liked it, but at least it proves we are not the only ones.. although there is only 34 liker’s of this page, so we might still be in a minority.

So next time you get a magazine, brochure or flyer make sure you smell it – you too might fall in love with the smell of fresh printing!

P.S. Serena and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary  (25 years ago on the 1st October) she gate crashed my 16th Birthday and we’ve been friends ever since. Lives, children, work and living on the opposite side of town (she’s a Southerner and I’m a Northerner) mean we don’t catch up often, but we email regularly and we know that we are always there for each other should the need arise.


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