Healthy drink

Every day since September 18th 2013, I’ve had a healthy drink for lunch which I’ve whipped up in the morning in the mad morning rush.

It’s lighter to carry a drink to work than my usual lunch of leftovers, or rolls, or soup or whatever I was having, and sometimes I’d have so many containers to carry I’d have a separate bag for just food.  Having my healthy drink means I can just pop the flask in my backpack and off I go.  Plus its super healthy and filling.

I love eating low GI index food to feel fuller, to avoid snacking, & reduce cravings.  I wanted to add more protein in to my diet, and googled home made protein drinks and the search came up with so many good ideas and suggestions to get me started.

When I first made it I even got Balian to have a glass, and a friend asked if I was pregnant making such a wacky drink..(No bloody way) might have been my reply.

I look forward to this drink every day, (and on weekends as well) I  could happily live on this drink for breakfast lunch and dinner.

So I throw in the blender soy milk, banana, greek yogurt, coconut milk & (a mix of crushed) pumpkin, sunflower seeds, coconut flakes and linseed (flaxseed) which I ground in the coffee grounder and a sprinkle of sesame seeds.  I really enjoy the nutty taste and feeling in the drink.  I sometimes add some of these foods honey, apple, cottage cheese, cinnamon, chia seeds, tahini, peanut butter, avocado depending on what I feel like. But mostly its just the first lot of ingredients. It is so delicious I’m always dissapointed (but full) when my drink finishes.

Here is what it looks like today.

healthy drink


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