Things I’m grateful for today:-

1) Finally being able to put my hair up in a pony tail.. I missed my ponytail after getting my hair cut short and I am so happy I can just get it in one now, plus it makes me look younger (I think) and I’m all for that!

2) My favourite lipstick.. Loreal Rose Guava, its soft shimmery and is going to be the first tube of lipstick that I can recall actually finishing and having to buy a second one. (Some of my friends would think I have a lipgloss/lipstick obsession) I might agree with them.


3) Bria being fantastic getting ready for school a few days this week, changing the morning routine and the order we get her ready is defiantley working for us. (most days).

4) Balian always being so easy!

5) Having a loving husband – we are approaching our 8th wedding anniversary soon. Even though I’m a psycho bitch sometimes and stressed with the children, seemingly never ending chores and working full time.. he is always 100% supportive, loving and kind.  Every few weeks I email him a loving quote on marriage.

This is our quote for the week.


5) I’m looking forward to 2 hours child free on Sunday to go to Harbor Town shopping (only been there a couple of times). Whats it like to go clothes shopping without children? I can’t remember, its rare that I even buy clothes that aren’t children’s, these days.  Thanks to Aunty Barb for looking after them for an hour or so.  I hate shopping so its not going to be that eventful, but I’m a little bit excited about it for some strange reason. Might duck into Ikea too and not have to suffer Simon’s whinging about how much he hates the place.

What I’m not grateful for today:- coldsores!!!


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