No Bake Energy Balls

nobake balls

No Bake Energy Balls

For over a month I’ve been trying to eat more raw natural foods and try and get the family to eat this way too especially the children for a lunch box snack.. yes I’m obsessed with 1) getting them to eat veggies which is so hard and I have to hide them in things & 2) putting healthy snacks in their lunchbox.

So I made these No Bake Energy Balls.  Full of yummy ingredients and healthy.

The kids took one look and said “eww disgusting mum” and wouldn’t even take a bite, but Simon likes them.  I have made a few different recipes of these as its really just throwing an assortment of raw ingredients into my food processor, not following a specific recipe. It depends what is in the pantry when I make them.  I find when I get home if I have a couple of these it stops me snacking before dinner, and then a couple after dinner which stops me snacking on chocolate, and I feel good knowing they have healthy ingredients.  (Eating more natural raw foods hasn’t helped me loose any weight but oh well, it still makes me feel good).

Amazingly I did have success with some balls this week with Balian (7) his response was “its good mum” and he’s had one in his lunch box each day, though he says “they don’t give me energy mum”. He doesn’t quite know what I put in them, I was vague and said “oh its oats, cinnamon, honey and chocolate chips, you know all the things you like”.  I forgot to mention the tahini, dates and coconut.  However I’m 100% certain that he will stop eating them within a day or two.

The ones pictured contained these ingredients:-

Uncle Toby’s original Oats 1 C, desicated coconut 1/4 C, peanut butter 2 TBS (from the health shop), 8 prunes, 1 TBS chia seeds, 1/4 C sesame seeds, 3 TBS pumpkin seeds, 2 TBS honey (All I did was put all those ingredients in the food processor and drizzle in coconut milk whilst blending until it came together) not for very long in the blender as I wanted to keep as much as the ingredients whole and not totally mush them up.  I didn’t measure anything at the time, these quantities are my guesses as to what I put in. A few chocolate chips stirred in after taste good too.   Rolled into balls and kept in the fridge or freezer.

For snacks in my house growing up we had a bowl of peanuts with the skin on, sultanas and sunflower seeds. I still eat this for my afternoon snacks, and just wish my kids could enjoy this too. I know one day they will.


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