Wacky tasting recipe

Last night I tried to make a healthy bread a pumpkin/banana bread that I thought I could slice up and put in the childrens lunch boxes.. I opened my first packed of ever bought coconut flour and the smell was to die for, amazing..

My bread contained eggs, vanilla, tahini, pumpkin, oats, banana, chinese 5 spice, cinnamon and honey. It had a very unique taste, it reminds me of something from the past but I am not sure what yet.

I gave Simon a bite and to say he hated it would be an understatement, he hates vegetables made into sweet dishes, and it wasn’t until after he’d taken a bite and practically spat it out that I told him what ingredients it contained. He was not a fan, and he said no way would the kids eat it.

I don’t mind it, it will get eaten (I’ll take a slice to work every day till its finished) but I probably won’t make it again.  It did smell delicious as Bria came in and said “are you cooking apple crumble mama” which I then quickly made for their dessert.

My quest to find a healthy snack for their lunch boxes continues….


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